• Fixed spurious FC when headset inserted.
  • The AudioBooks folder only now includes all folders that's named audiobooks or have a parent-folder named audiobooks, now also case insensitive.
  • Updated paypal library.
  • Fixed a couple of crashes occurring when there is no media-files whatsoever on the sd-card.
  • Fixed resource leak causing crashes when using with large media collections
  • Fixed Audiobooks folder only bug for froyo
  • Added paypal donation dialogue, donate and get rid of ads.
  • Pause/Resume on headset removal/insertion
  • Added menu option for rescan media
  • New more efficient layout
  • Added option to lock the sliders.
  • Lots of internal changes and minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed two causes of FCs
  • Improved startup when no audiobooks are found
  • Fixed layout for small-screen phones (Tattoo)
  • Support for headset buttons (beta)
  • Option to disable the acknowledge signal
  • Haptic feedback on buttons.
  • Added skip forward/backward.
  • Option to enable/disable resume after call.
  • Don't bug as much about crash reports.
  • Improved layout slightly.
  • Fixed a race causing FC:s
  • Keep server running for a couple of seconds, to improve responsiveness.
  • Fixed a couple of potential reasons for FC:s
  • Better crash reports
  • Use less battery by only enabling sensors while fading out.
  • Turn on screen while detecting shakes (should make it work on droid/nexus)
  • Give service foreground priority to make it less likely to be killed by the system
  • Changed affinity so it behaves more like the Music application.
  • Automatic crash reports (user will be asked before sending)
  • Fixed FC on incoming calls
  • Fixed bug making it possible to change/disable the bugging timer.
  • More robust shake detection (might solve problems seen on Droid/Tattoo).
  • Initial version